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Since 1992 Herky Jerky has been committed to providing the highest quality beef, buffalo, elk, venison, and bacon snacks to our customers. Our award-winning jerky and meat sticks are high in protein, low in fat and carbs, and are the perfect choice for bikers, boaters, bodybuilders, campers, hikers, hunters, outdoors men, soldiers, students, or anyone searching for a quick, healthy snack.

January Special: The best gets even better!

Beef Jerky Special

Buy 2 bags of new & improved Turkey Jerky

How do you improve on something that's already the best? Well, we at Herky Jerky somehow managed to do it. And you're going to love it!

If you've ever tried our all-natural, fat free turkey jerky than you know the tender cuts of lean meat with just the right amount of seasoning is the best on the market. It's been a customer favorite ever since we introduced it a couple years ago. But just because you're the best doesn't mean you cant get even better! So we tinkered with our recipe, waved our magic wand and managed to make it even healthier and more mouth-watering.

January Special Cont'd

Now don't worry, the all-natural turkey jerky is still fat free with no preservatives, nitrates, MSG, or artificial ingredients, and is raised without added hormones. We improved it by lowering the sodium content by nearly two-thirds, from 270 mg per serving to just 95 mg per serving! And we also cut the calorie count by a third, from 60 to 40 per serving! We also lowered the sugar a tad, and best of all, made the turkey even more tender so it practically melts in your mouth! The end result is a product we think is a ridiculously great tasting turkey jerky that you have to try!

And this is the perfect time to do it because for the entire month of January we're offering a FREE bag of turkey jerky with the purchase of two bags. And if you order four, we'll throw in two free bags! Of course, shipping is free with this special offer as well. No promo code is needed--your free bag will automatically be shipped with your order. The bags are still resealable and still come in generous 14 oz. portions, so there will be plenty to go around for everyone at home or work. 

Of course, while shopping for our new turkey you can also pick up some of our other great tasting snacks like our bacon, venison, elk, buffalo and beef jerky, and our unbeatable game sticks and beef smokies. Order online or by phone at 215-479-6280.

We cant wait to get your feedback on the delicious turkey jerky so place your order today and we'll send it priority mail. We'd also like to wish a happy and healthy New Year to all of our loyal customers! 

Thanks for your continued support and enjoy!
Team Jerky

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All Herky Jerky products are proudly made in the USA with top quality ingredients. When our jerky and meat sticks arrive at your door, you can be confident that they will be the freshest you've ever tasted. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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