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Since 1992 Herky Jerky has been committed to providing the highest quality beef, buffalo, elk, venison, and bacon snacks to our customers. Our award-winning jerky and meat sticks are high in protein, low in fat and carbs, and are the perfect choice for bikers, boaters, bodybuilders, campers, hikers, hunters, outdoors men, soldiers, students, or anyone searching for a quick, healthy snack.

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Here at Herky Jerky we always put the customer first, especially when it comes to saving you money. Summers are fun but they also can be expensive, so we have just the post-Labor Day special to keep you within your budget without having to give up your favorite snacks.

Beef Jerky Special

September Special Cont'd

All month long save $10 on any order of $50 or more: That's a cool savings of up to 20% on anything in our online store. That also comes with FREE shipping and our customary, quick Priority Mail service. And best of all, you get to choose your favorite flavors!

Choose from any of our 16 different varieties of jerky and meat sticks during this super special. Will it be the fresh and tender, nitrate and preservative-free beef jerky that comes in four delicious flavors? Our sweet, spicy or mild beef smokies that are tasty and filling? The scrumptious bacon? All natural turkey? Or our famous game jerky--which includes buffalo, elk and venison?

Mix and match your perfect snack pack or choose your favorite flavor and load up---it doesn't matter because you'll still qualify for the savings.

There is no promo code necessary for this special--just place your qualifying order and you'll automatically receive the $10 off and free shipping. We'll have your order in the mail the very next business day and you'll have your Fall off the a great start!

As always, Herky Jerky, now in our 27th year of business, thanks our loyal customers for your continued support. We look forward to continue serving you great snacks, and if you're trying us for the first time, welcome aboard!

Thanks for your continued support and enjoy!
Team Jerky

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All Herky Jerky products are proudly made in the USA with top quality ingredients. When our jerky and meat sticks arrive at your door, you can be confident that they will be the freshest you've ever tasted. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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Beef jerky
Beef jerky
Beef jerky
Beef jerky


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Beef jerky
Beef jerky
Beef jerky
Beef jerky